South Central Federation of Labor (SCFL), AFL-CIO

"Kelly Danner has the experience and depth of knowledge on the issues that we know she'll do a great job, but what we were really impressed with was her commitment to communication. We're excited to have a partner in this fight for local control and worker's rights."


Wisconsin State Journal

"Danner is smart, energetic and optimistic. She promises more communication with constituents, and will advocate for the most vulnerable. After 18 years on the board, Matano offers lots of experience and connections. The two candidates share many priorities, such as better public transportation and improved mental health services. But Danner, who helps manage a veterinary business, would bring fresh eyes to stubborn problems, and brainstorm ways around long-standing barriers."

Arvina Martin, District 11 Alder

"For our County Board Supervisor, I want someone who is in touch with the community, an energetic advocate for our values, a hard worker, and someone who is going communicate and work collaboratively with everyone in this district. Kelly Danner is that candidate."

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Chris Schmidt, former Alder, District 11

"We need a proactive leader as our County Supervisor, someone who aggressively pursues new projects and paths to change. We deserve a representative who is not beholden to the status quo. We need someone who will listen to us, and who priorities reflect our own. Kelly is that leader."

Shiva Bidar-Sielaff, District 5 Alder

"Kelly Danner is the type of progressive leader we need on the Dane County Board. She is energetic, highly capable, and most importantly, will get things done."

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Maurice Cheeks, District 10 Alder

"Kelly Danner has a robust understanding of Dane County's most pressing issues, and I’m especially impressed with the sense of urgency that she has about addressing them. She is exactly the sort of leader we need more of -- taking real action to protect and improve our community."

Mark Clear, District 19 Alder

"Kelly Danner will be a great representative of District 11 and an asset to the County Board. She understands the values of the district and is ready to put in the time and work for this role. I look forward to working with Kelly."


Sara Eskrich, Alder for District 13

"Kelly has fresh ideas, great energy, and a passion for working with the underserved. She will use her personal experience to create forward-looking policy for Dane County."

Denise DeMarb, District 16 Alder

"She is intelligent, deliberately inclusive, and does active outreach to grassroots groups and activist organizations. She will make a great County Supervisor, and I know she will work hard to protect the environment, the safety net, and communities of color."

denise and kelly.JPG

Jeremy Levin, District 10 Supervisor

"Kelly will bring a fresh and valuable perspective to evaluating policy decisions for the County, particularly when it comes to human services and our safety net programs. Her willingness to collaborate, work hard, and listen to diverse perspectives will be an asset to the County.”

Matt Phair, District 20 Alder

"Kelly is exactly the type of public servant we need in local government right now. She has fresh, in-depth viewpoints about our ongoing challenges. Her focus on breaking down barriers of access and opportunity for all of our residents coupled with a determined, yet collaborative leadership style will serve Dane County well."


Nick Zweifel, District 3 Supervisor

"Kelly Danner has her priorities straight, and the energy and expertise to tackle them. She’ll focus on Madison’s most pressing issues while in office - protecting the safety net, reducing racial disparity, and repairing the environment. And she’ll do it by being transparent, engaged, and working with grassroots organizations."

Robin Schmidt, District 24 Supervisor

"Kelly’s effective leadership, strong communication skills and a commitment to her constituents will make her a great county board supervisor. She works hard and knows how to get things done!"


Zach Wood, District 8 Alder

"Kelly Danner is competent, smart, and invested in improving Dane County. She has the personal and professional experience to be a real asset to the County Board, and the progressive values to keep us moving forward."

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