Wisconsin State Journal Questionnaire

The Wisconsin State Journal published their candidate questionnaires in the paper and online today. Please take a moment to check them out! I've included my own responses below.

Kelly Danner.jpg

Kelly Danner

Age: 29

Address: 3553 Heather Crest

Family: Partner, Logan Rathjen

Job: Practice manager for an equine veterinary clinic

Political experience: None

Other public service: I serve on the Youth Commission for Dane County; I chair the Platform and Resolutions Committee for the Dane County Democratic Party; I volunteer with therapy for children with disabilities with Three Gaits; I foster dogs needing physical or behavioral rehabilitation with Fetch WI Rescue; I volunteer with our neighborhood association; and I serve as a conversation partner for Wisconsin English as a Second Language Institute.

Education: BA from the College of William and Mary, women’s studies and art history.

Email: kellyndanner@gmail.com

What makes you a good choice for the Dane County Board?

I am a hard-working, collaborative, and research/solution oriented leader, and all of my professional, personal, and community service experience positions me to be particularly effective as Dane County supervisor for District 11. I am an effective leader, work extensively with rural Dane County, and have varied community service experience that gives me important perspective on the needs of our neighbors.

If elected, what would be your priorities?

I will prioritize the safety net, work on environmental initiatives, and bring some energy, hard work, and citizen engagement to District 11. Regarding the safety net, I’d like to focus on mental health services, youth care, and public health, with an eye towards reducing racial inequities. I will also focus on making local government more engaging to our neighbors.

What do you think the county is doing well, and what could the county be doing better?

Danner: The county is already spending a lot of time and resources on environmental initiatives, and I’m looking forward to partnering with people already doing that work to assist and expand the scope of it. We should improve our communication with the public, and our coordination of care in our human services department.

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