Addressing Hate in Dane County

Hate, white supremacy, and discrimination needs to be fought daily, and that includes in Dane County and Madison, Wisconsin - this isn't a problem that's restricted to the South. There are 9 hate groups that are operating in Wisconsin (tracked by the Southern Poverty Law Center).  Here are some things you can do in Dane County to fight hate and white supremacy:

ATTEND Africa Fest this coming weekend ( and engage with a diverse group of people.

PARTICIPATE in Black Restaurant Week in Madison to show support for businesses owned by our neighbors of color.

WRITE a letter to the governor of Virginia and Mayor of Charlottesville, thanking them for their strong words and swift action. We need to praise people who do the right thing - speaking and acting forcefully. (Governor Terry McAuliffe, Common Ground for Virginia, P.O. Box 1475, Richmond, VA 23218 and Mayor Mike Signer, P.O. Box 911, City Hall, Charlottesville, VA, 22902) - S/O to my friend, Charisse Daniels, for this thought.

DONATE to a woman of color running for local office - Sparkle Ashley is running in Milwaukee, and can use your help. Women of color running for office tend to have less access to capital and monetary endorsements due to entrenched discrimination - help fight that. (

TEACH your children about hate, diversity, love, and make sure your child's teachers are on the right side of history.

If you're in a predominantly white community, INVITE a local leader of color to your organization, classroom, school, event to speak. Don't just talk about lifting the voices of people of color - do it!

ATTEND a service at a house of worship in a different faith. There are a few different interfaith councils in Dane County that can help you with that. Consider attending a service at a predominantly black congregation.

Whatever you do, do NOT be silent.

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