The Campaign Launch!

Only Saturday, November 4, we launched the campaign with a large group of volunteers knocking doors for us, and celebrating with drinks and food and talk afterwards. Shiva Bidar, campaign treasurer and District 5 alder, spoke about the importance of women in government, and the need to bring fresh ideas to the district. I spoke about my personal experience with the safety net, how that shaped my life, and how important it is to remember where those services come from - local government!

Our Lustron home lets us write in dry erase on the walls, so all of our guests and canvassers wrote what is most concerning to them in Dane County, what ideas they have for improving, and what we should be focusing on.

The event was a great celebration of what will be a long and engaging campaign - we're excited to continue talking to voters and hearing what we can do better for Dane County.

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