Jail Update - March 2019

Jail Update - March 2019

You may have seen in the news that a change order recently went through for the jail construction project. Here’s an overview of what that Change Order means, what we’re looking for, and what’s next.

The Jail reconstruction was approved in November 2017 for the 2018 budget. That $76 million was added to the capital budget, with several caveats:

  1. In-person visitation continues;

  2. PP&J appoints a 5 - 7 person committee to review progress (have been meeting);

  3. Funding is included for a comprehensive review of our mental health system (anticipated to be completed in July);

  4. Inclusion of funding for community based re-entry services;

  5. Continued funding for the Community Restorative Court;

  6. Continued funding of the pretrial safety assessment tool;

  7. Increased Affordable Housing Development Fund funding;

  8. Funding increase for Partners in Equity;

  9. Expansion of the Early Childhood Zones for Sun Prairie and Leopold;

  10. Funding for the Beacon;

  11. Funding for Crisis Intervention Training for the Public Safety Communications center and for staff at the Beacon;

  12. Continued funding for judicial sentences of community service;

  13. Funding for Hope Haven;

  14. Funding for county staff to continue work on racial disparities; and

  15. Complete closure of the CCB and Ferris Center for holding inmates.

That plan was to add four floors to the Public Safety Building (PSB), and close the Ferris Center and the 6th and 7th floor of the City County Building (CCB). It was colloquially known as “Option 3”. In June 2018, we selected construction, engineering, and design teams. In October 2018, the engineers and architects discovered during their structural analysis that though the PSB was built with the intention of adding four floors on top of it, the structural base would not safely hold any additional floors. This was an extremely frustrating discovery for all involved. In November, the County Board approved a Change Order for the engineering teams to assess adding the four floors next to the PSB on West Wilson Street. In December 2018, the engineering teams came back to the County Board with an estimate of around $150 million to build the consolidated four floors on West Wilson Street. That brings us to the Change Order.

In the original Jail Study, there were two options provided, as requested by the County Board. Option 1 had an initial price tag of $90 million. Option 2 had an initial price tag of $140 million. These prices were considered too high, so the architects went back to the drawing board and came back with Option 3, with an initial price tag of $76 million. Now that this plan brings us to the same (or higher) prices of the options 1 and 2, we felt that it was our responsibility to do our due diligence and assess additional options before approving such an enormous increase in cost. This assessment should conclude this Spring. I’ve included a recap of options we’ve studied to date. I realize that it feels like we’re in a constant cycle of studying options and spending money on those studies without taking action. However, this is the largest capital project in Dane County history. It’s important that we take our time and do it right. I think it’s safe to say that we’ll see more change orders around this project, as with any construction project. The biogas project has had 202 change orders! I’ll continue offering updates here, and be transparent about what we’re doing. Please let me know if you have any questions.

Brief review of options studied:

Option 1 - Also known as Option A - (June 2014)

  • Full greenfield site within 10 miles of downtown Madison - $121 - $134 million

Option 2 (June 2014)

  • Greenfield site within 10 miles of downtown Madison, renovations to PSB - $143 - $158 million

Option 3 - Also known as Option B (June 2014)

  • Additions and renovations to PSB, 6th floor of CCB renovated for Sheriff’s office - $146 - 161 million

Option 4 (June 2014)

  • Additions and renovations to PSB, 6th and 7th floors of the CCB renovated for inmates - $152 - $168 million

Option 5 (June 2014)

  • Additions and renovation to PSB for the Sheriff’s office and inmates using the parking lot - $151 - 166 million

Option 6 (June 2014)

  • Three floors added to PSB, adjacent space on West Wilson also added - $152 - $168 million

Option 1 (Dec 2016)

  • Phase 1 - Add four floors to the PSB - 90 million

  • Phase 2 - Addition on West Wilson Street added for Sheriff’s Office and programming space - 61 million

Option 2 (Dec 2016)

  • Phase 1 - Addition on West Wilson Street - 140 million

  • Phase 2 - Additional floor on the Sheriff’s office - 23 million

Option 3 (June 2017)

  • Phase 1 - Add four floors to the PSB - 75 million

  • Phase 2 - Expand visitation, relocate Sheriff’s Office, Remodel second floor - 24 million

Option 1 (March 2019)

  • renovate 6th and 7th floors, renovate parts of PSB, build new Huber facility

Option 2 (March 2019)

  • Renovate PSB to become Huber facility, build greenfield site for maximum and medium security inmates and mental health and medical care facility

Option 3 (March 2019)

  • All greenfield site

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