Inspirational Message/Prayer

Inspirational Message/Prayer

I was honored to present the inspirational message/prayer to start off our County Board meeting on July 12, 2018. Below are a copy of my notes, though I didn't necessarily follow them verbatim. My heart goes out to Sun Prairie, the family and friends of Captain Corey Barr, who lost his life while serving his community, and all of the displaced families in Sun Prairie.

(photo by Angelic Angels)

First, I think I speak on behalf of everyone on the board in sending our condolences to Supervisors Eicher, Schwellenbach and Clausius for the tragedy in Sun Prairie this week. I’m so glad you’re all safe. Our hearts go out to the family of Captain Corey Barr.

I was going to speak tonight about exercise and complacency and being uncomfortable, and it was going to be lighthearted and inspirational. And then I saw a picture of a firefighter with his twin daughters on his shoulders. So, this is going to be closer to a meditation on gratitude, or a prayer. I’m going to speak about community and gratitude - those feelings that can be easily overlooked or forgotten in the hustle of everyday life. Because weeks like these remind me of the importance of this community, and the importance of giving gratitude to those who build and protect it. And it reminds me of the the importance of saying thanks for those big acts of heroism like we saw this week, and also for the small acts of heroism that it takes to build our community and neighborhoods on a daily basis. Here are just a few people I want us to thank.

Let’s start with the big one. Thank you firefighters, for putting your lives on the line, for your bravery and generosity. Particular thanks to the Sun Prairie Volunteer Fire Department, for evacuating so many families, and in doing so, saving so many lives. My heart is with Station #9, right down the road from me. You are all at your best when we are at our most vulnerable.

Thank you teachers and childcare workers, for helping to educate and care for our kids. For teaching them to be kind and smart and generous, too.

Thank you restaurant and bar owners, like Captain Barr and his wife, for giving us a space to commune and relax and become regulars.

Thank you librarians, for helping us in every area. From picking out books that expand our minds, to helping with immigration paperwork and job hunts and ancestry research.

Thank you grocers, for feeding our communities. For keeping us healthy and sustained and satisfied.

Thank you gardeners, for planting something beautiful that makes us look twice in between emails and commutes, or something delicious and healthy that fills our stomachs and our hearts.

Thank you bus drivers, for getting us to our homes and workplaces and schools safely. Thank you for connecting us.

Thank you nurses and doctors and CNAs and therapists, for caring for our wounds, for treating our bodies and our minds. Thanks for being with us on our most tragic of days, and also during our most mundane of colds and allergies.

Thank you elected officials, for spending time away from your families and hobbies. For being inside on beautiful summer nights, fighting to change our criminal justice system, preserve our parks, and fix our roads.

And lastly, though that was certainly not a complete list,

Thank you carpenters and steelworkers and plumbers, and everyone in between, for helping us build our communities in the first place, and now, in Sun Prairie, for helping us to rebuild it.
— Kelly Danner
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