Dane County Collaborations

I am very excited to be involved with the UW-Extension Committee for Dane County, and particularly eager to be involved in the UniverCity Year program.

The UniverCity Year program promotes collaboration between UW-Madison, Dane County, and local stakeholders to tackle our most pressing issues with the help of the great young minds at UW-Madison. This past year, UniverCity Year focus on four areas of need:

  1. Closing the Housing Gap
  2. Frequent Users of County Services
  3. Water Quality & Nutrient Management
  4. Economic Development

Students researched and planned out sustainable infill housing, compared sustainable furnace options for affordable housing developments (and all homes), modeled transit oriented development, and made recommendations on integrating care for frequent users of county services, among many other programs. The hope is that with the strength of the minds and research of our university, we can more effectively tackle some of Dane County's most pressing issues. This collaboration is the tangible outcome of the Wisconsin Idea - that the University system should benefit every family and individual in Wisconsin, that the University has a commitment to public service, and that University research should be applied to solving critical problems in our health, environment, and democracy.

But the Wisconsin tradition meant more than a simple belief in the people. It also meant a faith in the application of intelligence and reason to the problems of society. It meant a deep conviction that the role of government was not to stumble along like a drunkard in the dark, but to light its way by the best torches of knowledge and understanding it could find.
— Adlai Stevenson

Preserving Affordable Housing

Modeling Transit in La Crosse County