Standing Committee Assignments

Chair Corrigan takes all 37 Supervisors in Dane County, Wisconsin, and assigns us to the seven standing committees. Those committees are:

  • Public Protection & Judiciary (PPJ)
  • Health & Human Needs (HHN)
  • Environment, Agriculture, & Natural Resources (EANR)
  • Zoning & Land Regulation (ZLR)
  • Personnel & Finance (PF)
  • Public Works & Transportation (Public Works)
  • Executive Committee (Exec)

I was assigned to Public Protection & Judiciary, commonly known as PPJ, for the two year term. Recently, PPJ has focused on the renovation and consolidation of the Dane County Jail, reducing rates of Failures To Appear in court (which can lead to arrest and a jail booking), and ensuring our Sheriff's Department has the staff needed in order to reduce excessive overtime hours. I will be keeping you informed of PPJ proceedings throughout my term.

Chair Corrigan also assigns supervisors to "continuing committees" as requested/needed. There are three continuing committees:

  • City-County Liaison
  • UW-Extension
  • Land Conservation Committee

Chair Corrigan also assigned me to the UW-Extension Committee, where I'll serve for two years. The UW Extension Committee brings the University of Wisconsin, the USDA, and Dane County together to create educational programs designed to address the needs our local communities are facing on a daily basis. I'm excited to participate in this effort.

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