Go Vote!

Rainy, slushy, snowy days are beautiful days for voting. The polls are open until 8pm to tonight - please get out there and vote, and make your voice heard. These last six months have been an amazing, beautiful experience. I humbly ask for your vote for county Supervisor for District 11. But no matter what happens tonight, thank you for the thousands of conversations we've had. It has been an education in community and activism.


Democratic Party of Dane County Endorsement

I am very proud to be endorsed by the Democratic Party of Dane County! The Dane Dems do a great job hosting all state and County wide candidates for forums, coordinating phone banks and canvassing, and hosting monthly meetings to unite Democrats in the county. I chair the Platform & Resolutions Committee with the Dane Dems, and you'll see me at every meeting. Please join us :)


Building Trades Council Endorsement


I'm proud to share that I have earned the endorsement of the The Building Trades (South Central Wisconsin). The BTC members build community partnerships, maintain our community infrastructure, train the next generation of workers in high quality work, and partner with the South Central Federation of Labor, AFL-CIO (who also endorsed my campaign) to ensure safe, family-supporting jobs. I am proud to have their endorsement, and look forward to working with our unions in the coming years.

Maurice Cheeks Endorsement


"Kelly Danner has a robust understanding of Dane County's most pressing issues, and I’m especially impressed with the sense of urgency that she has about addressing them. She is exactly the sort of leader we need more of - she'll take real action to protect and improve our community."

I am very proud to announce that Alder Maurice Cheeks, our neighbor across Odana Way, endorses my candidacy for County Board Supervisor for District 11. Maurice and I share a very similar vision for what leadership looks like here - vastly improved citizen engagement and communication, and deliberate, strategic planning to eliminate opportunity gaps as Madison and Dane County grow. I am thrilled to have his endorsement.

Wisconsin State Journal Endorsement



"Danner is smart, energetic and optimistic. She promises more communication with constituents, and will advocate for the most vulnerable. After 18 years on the board, Matano offers lots of experience and connections. The two candidates share many priorities, such as better public transportation and improved mental health services. But Danner, who helps manage a veterinary business, would bring fresh eyes to stubborn problems, and brainstorm ways around long-standing barriers."

Thank you, Wisconsin State Journal, for your endorsement of my candidacy!

South Central Federation of Labor (AFL-CIO) Endorsement


"Kelly Danner has the experience and depth of knowledge on the issues that we know she'll do a great job, but what we were really impressed with was her commitment to communication. We're excited to have a partner in this fight for local control and worker's rights." - Kevin Gundlach, President, SCFL

I'm incredibly honored to announce that I have received the endorsement of the South Central Federation of Labor (SCFL), AFL-CIO, for District 11 County Board Supervisor. SCFL is such a critical part of Wisconsin's history, and our future. They fight to ensure safe working conditions, good pay and benefits, and excellent training. SCFL members are all rooted in their communities as well, and I'm deeply humbled to be the candidate in District 11 to receive their endorsement.

Chris Schmidt Endorsement

"We need a proactive leader as our County Supervisor, someone who aggressively pursues new projects and paths to change. We deserve a representative who is not beholden to the status quo. We need someone who will listen to us, and whose priorities reflect our own. Kelly is that leader."

I am very proud to have the endorsement of Chris Schmidt, former alder for our very own District 11 from 2009 to 2016. Chris was, and remains, a big proponent of increased public participation in government decision making processes - a value we share. He served as Council president for two years, and led the rewrites of TIF financing and the Landmarks Ordinance. I am very proud to have his endorsement.

(We had to get some green in - Happy St Patrick's Day! 🍀🍀)


Wisconsin State Journal Q&A

Thank you, Wisconsin State Journal and madison.com, for your continued coverage of the District 11 County Board race.

"I am a hard-working, collaborative, and research/solution oriented leader, and all of my professional, personal, and community service experience positions me to be particularly effective as Dane County supervisor for District 11."


Denise DeMarb Endorsement


"She is intelligent, deliberately inclusive, and does active outreach to grassroots groups and activist organizations. She will make a great County Supervisor, and I know she will work hard to protect the environment and the safety net, and focus on equity in all areas of work."

I am proud to have the endorsement of Alder Denise DeMarb, from District 16. Denise has served actively and productively for six years now, and has the results to show for it. She has prioritized community strength by encouraging economic growth, expanding public transit in her district, and building parks for safe, communal outdoor spaces. Thank you, Denise.


My Day Job


Neighbors often ask what I do for a living when I'm out introducing myself. I manage a locally owned equine veterinary clinic. We only work with horses (occasionally a goat slips in there), and we're entirely ambulatory, so the four veterinarians travel around Dane County, from Mazomanie to Brooklyn to Marshall, and everything in between. I primarily stay in the office and do our marketing, accounts receivable, tech projects, etc.

In my work, I see that there is far more that we Madisonians have in common with rural Dane County than things that separate us. We are all hoping for better roads, more transit options, greater public health, clean land and water, solid schools, and safe communities.

Arvina Martin Endorsement

For our County Board Supervisor, I want someone who is in touch with the community, an energetic advocate for our values, a hard worker, and someone who is going communicate and work collaboratively with everyone in this district. Kelly Danner is that candidate.
— Arvina Martin, District 11 Alder

Alder Arvina Martin has been in this area for almost her whole life. She knows what makes this community beautiful, knows what we need to do to maintain all of the great qualities about our life here and how we can improve our schools, infrastructure and communication, and she is deeply invested in this community. I am very grateful to have her support for my candidacy for District 11 County Board Supervisor.

We Made it Through the Primary!

I am absolutely thrilled to announce that we made it through the Primary election, and are headed to the General Election on April 3rd. I am blown over by your support and enthusiasm to see new ideas coming out of District 11. I'll keep working hard to earn your votes, and then, hopefully, get a chance to work hard as your County Supervisor. 

Fire Fighters Local 311 Endorsement!


The Fire Fighters motto is "Serving the City of Madison and Surrounding Communities", and I'm proud to share that vision, and their endorsement of my candidacy.

Fire Fighters Local 311 is endorsing my candidacy for Dane County Board of Supervisors - District 11. Station #9 is right down Meadow Lane from us. I'm so grateful for the work they do every day, and I am going to be diligent in my work fighting for them, and for you. Vote on February 20th so that we can work together.

Matt Phair Endorsement

Kelly is exactly the type of public servant we need in local government right now. She has fresh, in-depth viewpoints about our ongoing challenges. Her focus on breaking down barriers of access and opportunity for all of our residents coupled with a determined, yet collaborative leadership style will serve Dane County well.
— Matt Phair, District 20 Alder

I am very pleased to announce that Matt Phair, alder for District 20 (Southwest of our district, covering Meadowood and Greentree neighborhoods, among others) is endorsing my candidacy for District 11 County Board Supervisor. I am so impressed by Matt's leadership on the public health approach to violence prevention, and I am eager to work with him going forward.