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All Madison High Schools Walkout to Demand Gun Control

"On March 14th, students nationwide will be standing up, together, and walking out of schools in solidarity with victims of gun violence across the United States, particularly in response to the recent shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Florida. 
The normalization of such events must end. So long as our generation feels unsafe in our schools, we will not be silent. 

We demand sensible restrictions on objects designed with the sole intent of delivering death. The “thoughts and prayers” of politicians whose pockets bulge from the unregulated sale of assault rifles and bump stocks will not suffice. We will not stop until action is taken.

We have the ability to enact tangible change so let’s not let it go to waste.

On March 14th, we will march to the Wisconsin State Capitol building to voice our demands. Before entering, we will gather outside of the Capitol as students and guest speakers address the crowd and the public. 

Representatives from Madison East, LaFollette, West, and Memorial High Schools have been working together to ensure that things run smoothly (and we hope to include those from other schools as well). However, we can use all the help we can get, and a great way to help push this movement is to educate ourselves and those around us. Let’s show the world that we know what we’re talking about."